Zac Hester

Chief Firearms Instructor, Owner, Operator

Zac has been a professional firearms instructor since 2018.

Zac has spent a large part of his adult life training to use firearms in many different pursuits. He has competed in 3-gun, IDPA, and precision rifle matches. He has attended classes across the country and taken classes from many different instructors in many different disciplines.

Over the years, Zac has trained more than 1000 students in the use of practical defensive skills with and without the application of firearms.

Zac is an engineer by trade and currently works with the United States armed forces to support the technology needs that enhance the training, logistical support, and combat capabilities of our warfighters by enhancing current and future small arms weapon systems with AI-enabled sensor technology.

Zac also owns and operates a small federally licensed firearms business that includes firearm customization and manufacturing services: Sentinel Machine, LLC